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First  Presbyterian  Church

Welcome! You can find First Presbyterian Church at the corner of
Kirkwood Boulevard and Iowa Streets,
 located in the heart of the city of
Davenport, Iowa. You're always invited to worship with us! A place to
belong! Where faith is nurtured, curiosity is encouraged, diversity is
welcomed, and all are loved.

We Believe

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 Sunday Services:
8:30 am (Outdoors)
10:00 am (Sanctuary)

“What does the LORD require of
you but to do justice, and to love
kindness, and to
walk humbly with
your God?”
- Micah 6:8

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                                     What is it to renew?  A simple definition is to make new, fresh, or strong again; to make a promise or vow;
                                                    to begin again especially with more force or enthusiasm. The theme of renewal is identifiable and abundant in
                                                     Christian faith and spirituality. We recognize that throughout the Bible the message told is of renewal and

                                                     Are we in control of renewal? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ We are in control of our actions and setting time
                                                       aside for renewal-fostering activities. Committing to taking time in our busy lives to take vacations, providing
                                              our minds and hearts the needed space to gain perspective and be open to seeing God’s will and plan, all offer
                          opportuties for renewal. However, often we are caught up in the day-to-day cycle of checking off our “to do” lists, not putting
aside time to reflect and renew.  Take time to renew by reading the summer issue of
FIRST PRESS -- a publication promoting all of the
programming of First Presbyterian Church.


VBC at FPC was a totally awesome time! “ Discovering how to hang ten with God’s love at the Surf Shack”

More Pics, please? To see more pictures of VBC at
FPC, check out the church’s
Facebook or Instagram 
pages and “Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love!”  

Thank you to all of the inspiring teachers, dedicated
volunteers, and supportive congregation that helped to
make VBC week so wonderful.  Thank you to our
Christian Education Director Tiffany Horvath for her
leadership, enthusiasm, and endless energy!  FPC
provided a special God moment and God memory for
youth and young at heart.  

Day one of VBC 2016 012.JPG
Day one of VBC 2016 087.JPG

Initiating the Congregational Dream of Envisioning 20/20

Listening for God when we Pray - Join in the Daily Unity Prayer

Follow this link to opt-in to receive the daily Unity Prayer email message. The prayer will also be on the church’s
Facebook page, so “like” and “share” with others. We encourage all members and friends to take a moment to pray
around noon every day.  Listen to God when you pray.  This is a time when all members and friends ask of themselves:
“Am I living as a Disciple of Christ?” This dream is drawn from our congregation conversations on Spiritual
Development and Discipleship. This traditional of praying at fixed times thoughtout the day was practiced by Jesus
himself. FPC is a community in which all are invited to join in the journey of learning to love and be loved by God.

First day of VBC 063.JPG

Sanctuary Choir Retreat - Saturday, September 3, 8:45 am to 5:00 pm

Once again this year the retreat venue is the spectacular John Deere Auditorium at the Figge Art Museum!  We will have ample
space, climate control, Italian leather seats and good visibility.  It’s going to be an exciting year as we welcome our new Director of
Music, Matthew Bishop.
Please visit this link to pay the $25 registration fee which includes a buffet lunch or you may mail your
check to the church office, mark “choir retrea” om the memo line. Your payment is your receipt and confirmation of registration.
If your Labor Day weekend plans will allow you to participate, please plan to join us!  If you need childcare at FPC, you must
Tiffany Horvath by Wednesday, August 31, to make those arrangements.

Register Now for Sunday School!

Grab a registration form in the back of the Sanctuary and sign your children up. Sunday School
Open House is September 11 from 10:10-10:45 am for the children to meet their teachers and
Sunday School begins on September 18 at 10:10 am on the third floor. Sunday School is for all
youth age 4 through high school. Musikgarten is Sunday mornings at the same time as Sunday
School for 3 year olds.

Calling All Sunday School Teachers!

To make our wonderful Sunday School program successful and meaningful at FPC, we need a minimum of 28
volunteers (four teachers to alternate for each class and four subs we can call on as-needed). We currently have 13
signed up to teach going into fall. In addition to being a lot of fun, this is also extremely easy—even if you have never
taught a day in your life! Christian Ed Director Tiffany lines up ALL your supplies a week in advance so you don’t have
to gather anything (from lesson plans, to crayons, to scissors, to glue, to glitter, to hamsters, to eye of newt) AND all
you have to do is show up and share Bible stories and activities with children for 45 minutes two Sundays a month!
Tiffany  if you can help out!

1st-2nd-3rd Sunday School.JPG
6th Grade sunday School (2).JPG

Prayer Vigil for Victims of Violence - Sunday, August 28, 7:00 pm

Join with fellow Christians for a prayer vigil at FPC.  Please meet by the porte cochere entrance along Kirkwood Boulevard.  We will pray for
people in our country, and for families and friends who are victims of gun violence.  Let us pray for God’s healing for victims, and let us bear
witness to the senseless violence in our country.