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Get Connected with Upcoming ACE Programs at FPC!

Opportunities for education, topics of discussions, current events, and congregational engagement can be
found in our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes.  If you have a program or topic you think would be of
interest, please contact a member of the ACE Committee or call the church office. Classes are open to all --
bring a friend!

ACE Mission Statement:  To oversee the development, promotion, coordination and execution of Christian Education
programs for the adults of First Presbyterian Church. In order to strengthen personal relationships between individuals and
God, each individual must first obtain a fuller understanding of the nature of God and of God’s will.  To accomplish this task,
teaching must accommodate itself to the needs and abilities of those being taught.  Such teaching emphasizes God’s
revelation through Jesus, but includes many other sources as well, since the Holy Spirit’s efforts to reach humanity are

Von Maur Hall Series - Sundays, 10:00 am 

March 4, 11, 18 - Final Words from the Cross

This series examines Christ’s dying hours and his final words as seen and heard through the eyes
and ears of those who stood near the cross. It’s an inspiring way to deepen our faith during Lent.

March 25 - Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Philip Yancey presents Jesus’ Death and Resurrection through movie clips. Join your friends for
this special Palm Sunday presentation. See how Hollywood depicted the crucifixion and resurrection
in “From the Manger to the Cross” (a silent film from 1912), in Johnny Cash’s film called “Gospel
Road,” and Cecil B. DeMille’s “King of Kings” from 1927.  How would we depict the same scenes
in our lives this Holy Week?

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