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Get Connected with Upcoming ACE Programs at FPC!

Opportunities for education, topics of discussions, current events, and congregational engagement
can be found in our Adult Christian Education  (ACE) classes.  If you have a program or topic you
think would be of interest, please contact a member of the ACE Committee or call the church office.
Classes are open to all -- bring a friend!

Von Maur Hall Series, Sundays at 10:00 am:

September 10: Abiding with God as God Abides with Us

Connect with Rev. Dr. Miller as he presents the inspiration and basis behind his Doctoral thesis.
Follow this link to download a copy of his dissertation.

September 17:  Facing Fear

Fourteen Nazi Skinheads beat and kicked a gay 17 year old who was living on the streets of Los
Angeles. The gang member who kicked the boy in the head and left him for dead and the injured
victim accidently meet twenty-five years later.  This is an Oscar nominated documentary about real persons and how
they deal with the guilt and anger that surrounds them. Will there be sorrow and forgiveness?   Is it even possible with
the terrible memories that both have about the past?    

September 24: Tiffany & Co.:

Christian Education Director, Tiffany Horvath, and youth of FPC will connect  us to the faith and inspiration they
gleaned from their summer mission trip!

October 1: ACE in recess for Homecoming Sunday

October 8: Voices of Muslim Women in the U.S. South

Kent Schroder facilitates Voices of Muslim Women in the Deep South Iowa Religious Media Services (IRMS)
documentary. This class explores the Muslim culture through the lens of five University of Alabama Muslim students.
How do they define a space for self-expression and negotiate their identities in a predominantly Christian society that
has unflattering views about Islam and Muslims?

October 15: Connecting with Buddhism

Presented by a Professor from Augustana University

October 22: Questions of Faith

Iowa Religious Media Services program,-presented by Carolyn Draper-Math

October 29: Questions of Faith

Presented by Carolyn Draper-Math. Can faith wipe out fear? How can we love everybody?

November 5: Before there were Gospels, there was Paul

Presented by Kent Schroder. Connect with the Apostle Paul who still challenges us today.

November 12: Paul Turned The World Upside Down and How the 20th Century Tried to Turn It Back

Presented by Kent Schroder. Paul: A List of Names: How Paul Set Out to Turn the World Upside Down and How the
20th Century Tried to Turn It Back.
Read Romans 16.

November 19: ACE in recess, please attend the Thanksgiving breakfast

November 26: ACE in recess for the Thanksgiving weekend

December 3: The Nuremberg Market

Join Jim Tucker and Mark Jones as they present: The Nuremberg Christmas Market -- its history and how it relates to
the secularizing and commercialization of Christmas.

December 10: Murder in the Cathedral

Presented by Jim Tucker. Jim will bring in the intriguing history of the Christmas sermon that Thomas A. Becket,
Archbishop of Canterbury, preached before his death in 1170.

December 17: Christmas in History  

Presented by Mark Jones. Christmas in History - A survey of historical sermons that have influenced America's
conceptions of Christmas.

December 24: ACE in recess for Christmas

December 31: ACE in recess for New Year's Eve Day

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