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Get Connected with Upcoming ACE Programs at FPC!

Opportunities for education, topics of discussions, current events, and congregational engagement can be
found in our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes.  If you have a program or topic you think would be
of interest, please contact a member of the ACE Committee. Classes are open to all -- bring a friend!

The ACE Committee is busy planning the winter/spring programming.  We will start off in January with two presentations by
Jim Tucker about the minor prophets.  That will be followed by a series examining.  During Lent, the focus will be on
education in the Quad Cities, as well as a Lenten Bible study.  Please plan to grab a cup of coffee and join us!

January 13:  What's Happening - now that it is the year 700 BCE?

Jim Tucker will present the first of two sessions on the Minor Prophets in the old testament. In this session he will present
ideas on how to treat the old testament.  He will also give a history of the major empires that surrounded and influenced
early Israel. Lastly, he will provide a few of the relevant facts about the books called the "Minor Prophets".

January 20:  Majoring in the Minors

In the second of two presentations, Jim Tucker will provide a synopsis of each of the 12 books of the minor prophets. The
emphasis will be on identifying what each prophet added to our knowledge and concept of God. The intent is to perhaps
entice the attendees to further explore some of the minor prophet books in the old testament.

January 27: Presbyterian 101: What does it mean to be Presbyterian?

This is the beginning of a series taught by Rev. Katie Styrt exploring our church’s identity as Presbyterians. Today come
learn about the essential tenets of the Presbyterian Church, and what makes us different from other Protestant

February 3: Presbyterian 101: Structure and community

Come learn about how our church interacts with other Presbyterian churches, and what presbyteries, synods, and General
Assemblies do. We’ll discuss how we are connected to other congregations and the resources we share.

February 10: Presbyterian 101: The Book of Confessions

The Book of Confessions is a collection of writings that help Presbyterians study the Bible and express our beliefs. Come
learn more about these texts, written from the early Christian church to the 1990s, and hear about the reasons they were

February 17: Presbyterian 101: National Offices and International Ministry

Our denomination employs pastors, doctors, teachers, and many other people who serve God around the world. Come
learn about how Presbyterians sponsor ministry here in American and in other countries.

February 24: No ACE: please attend our congregation’s annual meeting!

ACE is also planning a series on education in the Quad-Cities, presented from a variety of perspectives.  Stay tuned as we
finalize our speakers and topics.