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God-sized Dreams

Share Thoughts on the Book, The Gift of Years

Facilitator: Mark Jones (563-332-9314; mkjones@mchsi.com)

Purpose: Joan Chittister is a highly regarded writer on spirituality.  In this book, she presents 40 short essays addressed to
seniors (self-defined) or those wanting insights into the life of aging parents.  While acknowledging the reality of aging bodies
and changing relationships, the author writes encouragingly about the responsibilities, opportunities and fulfillment that comes
with embracing this stage of life.

Time: Starting the week of October 1, day/time to be determined by group

Place: FPC Parlor

Book: The Gift of Years, Joan Chittister; $10 on Amazon

The plan is to have us read a short essay (4-5 pages) as a daily devotion, meeting once a week as we progress through the

Watch Movies with a Christian Message - Hidden Figures

Facilitator: Small Group Task Force (563-324-1429; dad-mom@prodigy.net)

Purpose:  Hidden Figures is the story of the contributions made to space flight by the black women who worked at the
Langley Research Center in the early days of aeronautical research. It reveals little-known history about the crucial work
performed by black women amidst segregation and discrimination that led to America putting a man into space. Our own Dick
and Bev Koos will also share from their experience from working at Langley during this timeframe.

Time: Friday, October 20, 6:15 pm – 9:30 pm

Following the movie, there will be a discussion about how the movie connects with your faith.  Bring your friends for fun and

Where: Von Maur Hall   Cost: free   Snacks?....of course.  RSVP: Mark and Cindy Meinert (563-324-1429; dad-

Small Group Connections

Small groups can have a variety of different focus areas, but ultimately they need to be based in
showing Christian love to one another.  The focus of a small group can range from Spiritual
Development, Christian Education & Worship, Support Groups, Education & Training or sharing the
love of Christ through Fellowship activities. Small groups can be ongoing or have a finite existence ands
can be initiated and led by
any church member.  They can also be initiated by Staff, Session/Deacon or
other FPC committees.  


1. Develop the idea for a small group connection you would like to start.  Pick up a form from the Small Group Connection
bulletin board or
download the form and complete the information on the form:

Brief description of the group

Your name and contact information

Proposed time for the group to meet

Frequency of meetings, when group will start and length of duration of the group

Any materials needed by group members or cost

Additional details to describe the group’s purpose

2. Turn the form into the church office.  It will then be posted on the bulletin board and on the church’s website.

3. Keep track of people who have contacted you with interest; feel free to reach out to folks to join the group.

4. Once you have your responses, finalize when and where you will meet.

If you intend to meet at the church, fill out and submit a Building Use Form (BUF) to the church office to reserve a meeting

5. Enjoy your small group connection!